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Photographs of an Unwritten Future: Geo's signature B&W exhibition

During your journey around the world, you're going to meet
loads of different people in bars, cafes, hostels & even while asking
for directions to the main train station.  Of course, all of this depends upon
the ever so popular question: "What type of backpacker are you?"
The networking type or the quiet kid in the corner looking at pictures
of the past while wondering what [ The Point of Travelling ]
photography exhibition is really about.    -Geo!

The Decisive Moment by: Henri Cartier-Bresson & Martin Munkacsi

Capturing what some call priceless moments is what made some
travel photographers famous.  Thus, here's a short article about to travel
photographers, Henri Cartier-Bresson & Martin Munkacsi, who
are linked to one another by [ The Decisive Moment ].




The Point of Travelling: Debbie Visor & Bryce Canyon

The Journey Is the Destination - Dan Eldon, UK
The PHOTOhype Project is
your sneak peak into the awe
inspiring world of backpackers
& hostel travellers.  Just like
the title reads on the book
about the late photographer,
[ Dan Eldon ] "The Journey
is the Destination."

12 years of  PHOTOhype, imagine that!
I can still remember when I first started this
photo project in 1997 with Surf City Hostel &
a handful of backpackers in [ Hermosa Beach ].
We have journeyed pretty far since that humble
beginning, which presents a deeper meaning
& insight behind [ The Point of Travelling ].

In total, the project was based in five different
cities within the last 12 years.  The All-American
scene of [ Hermosa Beach ].  Viva, [ Las Vegas ].
The laid back lifestyle in [ San Diego ].  The quiet
romantic beauty of [ Bruges ] & now the endless
nightlife adventures & classic drama tales inside a
historic Polish city known as [ Krakow ].  We just
started our infamous 3rd year in Krakow, Poland
which makes me wonder if I've seen the end of
PHOTOhype's so-called city hopping ways.

[ Featured Story: Oh, The Places You'll Go! ]

postcards for re-sale  *Marketing Opportunities*

Photographs of an Unwritten Future: Skater Kids It took a couple lazydays to
figure out which phrases to use
for our backpacker
postcard collection. So, for the
most part, we thought the
life and a few
images that represents
the art
oflife or the peaceofmind
of two travelmates caught
sleeping in a yin-yang
might be a historicevent if
the wishful
thinking and
freespirits of skaterkids whose young&happy
attitude for swedishfaces & newrelationships
didn't help the pointofview or brainstorm a few
ideas about a city filled with shootingstars
or a lot of mischief&mayhem.

[ View:
postcard/poster collection ]

staff photo from the Generator Hostel in London, England hostel travellers from around the world
& a nice handful of friends helped build this web based photo project.  Without a shadow of a doubt, we're just
A Network of Friends ]

Australian backpackers at Prague's main train station
[ Europe ]

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants! -Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

Hermosa Beach, California
[ Hermosa ]

Utopia Night Club in Las Vegas, Nevada
[ Las Vegas ] was much different here...
[ San Diego ]

It was much different here... -Fabianne Aebi, Switzerland
[ ]
Hi-tech flashlight protection for those dark situations  [ ]

[ Beer Tasting with Kai ]

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"If you ever forget the point of travelling, then this is a reminder of what it's all about."   -Dave Orr, USA  |  The PHOTOhype Project    Hermosa Beach 1997
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