A quote can be many different things...

On this web site, the quotes allow the reader to know a little bit about the person or people in the photograph.
Who they are, who they want to be, where they have been, or where they want to go, next.  For the ordinary
hostel traveller, such as myself, a quote can be a priceless possession with no monetary value.



A simple quote...

"...can serve as a cherished
memory of certain people, places
or situations that are forever gone.
It takes up no weight in an already
laden backpack, so why not give
a quote a chance..."

Jules Lund: Yosemite Silhouette
Mexican Skater
Geri Scott of Australia: Geri's Silhouette
Hermosa Beach Silhouettes

When things go wrong, a quote can give you guidance, make you laugh, or simply see the lighter side of a dark
& gloomy situation.  Ultimately, it's all up to your own interpretation, whether or not you allow the words to inspire
or challenge your way of thinking.  So, read carefully & enjoy the quotes from your fellow Hostel Traveller.

  True Friends
True Friends
San Diego: Bon Fires on the beach
Bon Fires
Carole Sutherland: On a Rainy Day in Scotland
Carole's Sax
The Painted Heart
Painted Heart
The Ståle Show
The Ståle Show
Ray of Lights
Ray of Lights
Countries of Desire
The Books

Written By: Sarah Bond, New Zealand  |  Cliff Jumping Photograph By: Duncan Shouler, England