Hey Geo,

It's good to "hear" your voice, again.  I just got my pics developed from the week
before Allison's wedding & I have some good ones.


The ones of the cheerleading balloon squad
at Travis's soccer game were okay...

"However, you got me thinking
there is more to taking pictures, than
the standard events."

   Yes, I have always known that, but never felt it.
It's nice.  It's also nice to have a new creative genre.
hanksI am a little more excited about your web site
than before.  Not that I didn't think it was cool,
but I totally get the whole story idea.

  I didn't have a clue before, but now I see where this whole thing is going.  For the most part, it has an epic
sense, a little surreal feel.  Playing on the that a picture is worth a thousand words, that in itself tells volumes &
The Quotes are like the directors...  I see why Alison's story felt so disjointed to you.
-Melissa E. Harris, Arizona

Written By: Melissa E. Harris, USA  |  Photograph By: GEOhype, Alaska