"I was in San Diego when I saw my best friend, Nadine"

She was waiting for me on the sidewalk, against this wall with the sun's light shining ever so bright.

  "It was only the shadow
of a bicycle, yet it represented
everything about her..."

Her uniqueness, ideas, character & personality,
it was all there.
  I was actually thinking about Nadine
that morning when I woke up.

  The Shadow of a Bicycle  |  San Diego, California
Photo By: Maud Renggli of Switzerland

She's the type of friend who's there on occasion, yet always there when you need her.
Is it interesting to think that my holiday trip to America opened my eyes to understand some simple
things in life?  I think so.  I also think that this trip told me what my friends are really about & I
would consider that to be the ultimate discovery in life.

  The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997
Written By: Maud Renggli
Team Switzerland
E-mail: Maud_Renggli@hotmail.com