"Escape the almond orchard is all we wanted 2 do..."


Romy & I were exhausted from yet another long work week of pruning the trees, that we managed
to forgot  how beautiful it was to stay outside & watch the future blossom...


That's the reason why we decided to drive
anywhere that Sunday morning.

"We wanted a change
of scenery & we weren't gonna
stop until we found it."

 We drove through the hills, across the fields & far
beyond the views of those old almond trees.


We were so determined to find some fresh air, energy, or better yet, freedom.  However, after 2 hours on this
endless winding road, we found something different.
  We found the total opposite of the freedom we sought - A barricade
fence & a chain of locks.
  It was probably meaningful, seeing that we had to go back to work the next day.


  The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997
Written By: Maud Renggli
Team Switzerland
E-mail: Maud_Renggli@hotmail.com