I take photographs to remember the people & places that have crossed my path of life.

  "to keep in mind the sense
of life, good feelings, impressions
& funny things which happens
around us..."

That is what drove me towards photography.
I get all kinds of pictures & this doesn't bother
me because the possibilities in NYC & my
travels are so many & multiple.

Various photographs from Romà's visit to NYC

New York City is the cultural capital of the world for travellers & photographers alike.  I wondered around
this city to find something different & I found a world of different people & faces - full of hyperactivity,
straight streets, big skyscrapers & loads of advertisements...  I loved it!


Self Portrait

Central Park


Moby Concert

Written By: Romà Piqué Muñoz, Spain  |  Location: New York City  |  Photographs By: Romà Piqué Muñoz, Spain