HI there!

I'm sitting here in San Francisco at an Internet cafe or something like that.

 I have tried for a long time to get access to a computer, but had no luck!   I wanted to send you
something as soon as I got back to LA, however, I needed some time to think it all over...

"In Vegas, I learned a very important
lesson.  Having fun, doing only little things
& that I don't need money to have a
good time.  All I need is my mind & to be
able to see things differently..."

I had so much fun in Vegas & you have a lot to do
with that.  All those late nights on the strip...

LV Tina Larsson & Friends.jpg (49163 bytes)

Tina Larsson & friends; poolside at The LVBP in Las Vegas, Nevada

I know I always try to be so grown up & stuff but stealing glasses for your "Drunken Chess" game, wow,
that was so much fun.  I hope you had a great time playing chess.
  "Who won or should I ask who lost?".  We
have only a couple of days left & then we are on our way home.  I've been longing to go home, but still,
I know I will be restless soon again...
-Tina Larsson, Sweden

Written By: Tina Larsson, Sweden  |  Location: Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photographs By: GEOhype, Alaska