"It's good to hear that there are others like us out there."

  I'll tell you something Geo, I've been on this earth for 28 years and I have never felt more at home or felt
such profound connections with the people I have met in the last 6 months!
  It started with that Burning Man festival
in the desert, my friend Beth in Redondo Beach & my 1st hostelling experience at The Surf City Hostel.

Years of doing what is expected & what I
thought would "satiate" the yearning.

"Yet, there was always something more,
something missing, but I could never explain
it...  Call it an acceptance of my
hype if you will."

How do you explain such things that are
unexplainable?  How do you explain to someone
who is caught in what I will call society's hype?


Life's a funny thing.  Moments in time are just that, moments.  They come & they go.  It's amazing that you can
wake up one day & find that you are an entirely different person than you were yesterday, last month, or last year.
That's what it's all about man, change.  You stay stagnant, fall into the "trap" or you die inside.

Age talking?  Millennium talking?  Mid-life crisis talking?  Who knows, but I feel good.  I feel alive!
CrazyIt's almost like that movie "The Matrix".  Do you take the blue pill or the red pill?  Keep spreading
The Hype.  Keep up the photography.  Catalog it.  Cherish it.  Commit it to me


"These are the days we'll look back on & think wow, that was an amazing time!"

Written By: Chris Lau, USA  |  Photograph The Matrix