Judging from your web site, you meet truckloads of fascinating people everyday - lucky bastard!  My name's
Todd Martin.  I'm from Pittsburgh & I stayed @ The LVBP for 4 fabulous nights in August.  We got around
to talking about your project just before I left, but didn't have the time to get into the finer details.

  Anyway, I just checked out the site & I am
thoroughly impressed (NOTE: I never use
those words lightly). I have to admit though,

" I was unleashing an unholy
stream of insults against you as I
clicked from page to page."

Joe Kidd, Geo & Jackie Keep with the pottery girls from Pennsylvania

Relax, it's a good thing.  I mean, here I am, buried under a mountain of literary theory manuals & research
papers in a little pock mark of a town in Western Pennsylvania, while you're hopping from paradise to paradise
like a contagious vibe.  Then, you have the nerve to capture that vibe in photographs, which induces me to
continuously pull the car keys from my pocket & drive out of this hell hole of a town & head straight to Vegas.

Damn you, Mr. Hype!  One of these nights, it's gonna happen.  I am gonna drive towards Wal-Mart
on a grocery run & roll right past it with a wicked grin on my face.  I'm gonna keep my foot on the gas
until I reach Vegas, a woman, or both.  Basically, what I am trying to say, Geo, is that:

"I am in severe road high withdrawals & The PHOTOhype is
a dealer
offering me a fix that I can't afford right now..."

Written By: Todd Martin, USA  |  Photographs By: GEOhype, Alaska