[ Akvavit ] it's distilled from either grains or potatoes, and flavoured with herbs such as dill, anise or fennel.
It's usually drunk quickly from shot glasses before/after/during the meal - as a so called snaps. It was definitely the most
popular liquid in Sweden until they discovered coffee.  Today, Swedish people love coffee and you can expect a good cup in every
place you happen to choose -and in all possible variations from the good, familiar cafe latte till filter coffee (bryggkaffe).
Sweden is the country of hunters. You can expect a good and tasty portion of something that was running in the
forest a week ago in every restaurant. Mooseburger (älgburger) is definitely on the top ten list.
Probably not the cheapest, but god damn good vegetarian restaurant and art gallery with room outdoors in the--
Soldaten Svejk
Czech Republic in the middle of the big white North. When you are tired of eating meatballs and reindeer hamburgers, go--
Definitely the best vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm, and every piece you it it's well worth its price. Live--
Cafe Edenborg
Nice, cosy coffee house with a bookshop inside. Free WiFi. Sitting there with your laptop and coffee you feel--
Chaikhana Teahouse
Nice teahouse, where you can enjoy your cuppa in a calm and post-colonial atmosphere in the--

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