[ Stockholm Nightlife ] Don't expect a party all night long - everything here closes pretty early, around 3 am.
Also it's worth to remember that 'club' - 'klubb' in Swedish - it's not a place, but an event at a venue with a special theme.  In other words,
something people say to sound cool when in fact they just play some records in exchange for a beer. Don't be surprised if the place
you go to has a kitchen and during the day is a normal restaurant - it's easier for the owners to get a license to sell booze when there is
a kitchen in the premises.  You usually have to pay between 60-160 SEK of the entrance fee and make sure you have your ID.
Debaser Slussen
Stockholm's most well known club, with a big group of fans ready to spend even Christmas Eve--
Vampire Lounge
The coolest theme pub in the city, located, unusually for Stockholm, in a cellar. No worries, it's not a--
A pub and restaurant from Monday till Wednesday, for the weekends turns into--
The centre of the English speaking community in Stockholm. Once you get in they won't let you out or--
The Cove
Fresh and new place located in the basement of Järntorgspumpen, has everything that a pub in a--

Spy Bar
If your budget can swallow the high entrance fee and beer prices, you are going to experience a great--

A bar and restaurant with a Russian theme and cheap vodka. DJ's play everything from Balkan rhythms through--
Stockholm's best jazz club. Regular live music concerts and an open dance floor every--
Situated in the former Astrid Lindgren's house, Musslan is a nice, cosy bar, and one of the few with the--
Hornstull Strand Etablissement
Probably one of the most original places in Söder if not in the entire--
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