"Aftermath: Middle East"
Photographer: Ziyah Gafic, Bosnia

The circumstances in which a person becomes
a professional photographer are infinite & often legendary
& as Ziyah Gafic is only 23 years old & already represents
a myth in the world of photo reportage...
-Grazia Neri Agency

  Photographer: Ziyah Gafic started his journey through photography working for the local magazine Dani in Sarajevo. He worked there for 4 years.  In 1999 he went to Macedonia & Albania
to cover the refugee crisis.  After that assignment he left the magazine & became freelance.  For the last 2 years he dedicated himself to exploring the aftermath in Bosnia.  He did a series
of reportages on the most frustrating & painful issues in after-Dayton Bosnia, the return of people expelled from their homes, war crimes committed during the 4 year long war for independence
& the matter of national identity.  In June 2002, he started a new project on Palestine, called 'Behind Intifada'.  He won a 2nd prize at World Press Photo 2001 & in the same year he participated
in the Joop Swart Masterclass.  In 2002, World Press Photographers awarded his work on war crimes in Bosnia & on returnees in Eastern Bosnia with 1st & 2nd prize...
-Grazia Neri Agency

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