"The real drama came afterwards,
when it took us 2hrs. to do a 15
minute walk back 2 the US border."

Drunken bliss, 3 for a dollar Mexican tacos
& please guys, remember:

"No pissing in the streets!"

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Location: Tijuana, Mexico  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska





Models: Victor Crisen (USA), Marissa Roche (USA), Brian McKeown (UK), Rodger Barrell (UK), Abdulla "King" Alhardly (Tanzania), Vegard Hjelleset (Norway), Patrik Nyhagen (Norway), Dave Hargrave (UK), Jon Vickers (UK), Wesley Peterson (USA), Diana Flynn (USA), Jennifer Gillespie (USA), Jonathan Eukelboom (Netherlands), Ben "The Birthday Boy" Evans (UK), Cuthbert Pimpernell (Greenland), Heidi Larkin (UK), Karl Jensen (Greenland), Dan Wills (UK), Andrew Finlay (Canada), Ove Groedem (Greenland), Bettina Perez (USA), Floriane-Emmanuel Borgne (France)